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YearDivisionTeam NameRecord
2019AL WestLA Angels of Anaheim72-90
2018AL WestLA Angels of Anaheim80-82
2017AL WestLA Angels of Anaheim80-82
2016AL WestLA Angels of Anaheim74-88
2015AL WestLA Angels of Anaheim85-77
2014AL WestLA Angels of Anaheim98-64ALDS
2013AL WestLA Angels of Anaheim78-84
2012AL WestLA Angels of Anaheim89-73
2011AL WestLA Angels of Anaheim86-76
2010AL WestLA Angels of Anaheim80-82
2009AL WestLA Angels of Anaheim97-65ALC
2008AL WestLA Angels of Anaheim100-62ALDS
2007AL WestLA Angels of Anaheim94-68ALDS
2006AL WestLA Angels of Anaheim89-73
2005AL WestLA Angels of Anaheim95-67ALC
2004AL WestAnaheim Angels92-70ALDS
2003AL WestAnaheim Angels77-85
2002AL WestAnaheim Angels99-63WS WIN
2001AL WestAnaheim Angels75-87
2000AL WestAnaheim Angels82-80
1999AL WestAnaheim Angels70-92
1998AL WestAnaheim Angels85-77
1997AL WestAnaheim Angels84-78
1996AL WestCalifornia Angels70-91
1995AL WestCalifornia Angels78-67
1994AL WestCalifornia Angels47-68
1993AL WestCalifornia Angels71-91
1992AL WestCalifornia Angels72-90
1991AL WestCalifornia Angels81-81
1990AL WestCalifornia Angels80-82
1989AL WestCalifornia Angels91-71
1988AL WestCalifornia Angels75-87
1987AL WestCalifornia Angels75-87
1986AL WestCalifornia Angels92-70ALC
1985AL WestCalifornia Angels90-72
1984AL WestCalifornia Angels81-81
1983AL WestCalifornia Angels70-92
1982AL WestCalifornia Angels93-69ALC
1981AL WestCalifornia Angels51-59
1980AL WestCalifornia Angels65-95
1979AL WestCalifornia Angels88-74ALC
1978AL WestCalifornia Angels87-75
1977AL WestCalifornia Angels74-88
1976AL WestCalifornia Angels76-86
1975AL WestCalifornia Angels72-89
1974AL WestCalifornia Angels68-94
1973AL WestCalifornia Angels79-83
1972AL WestCalifornia Angels75-80
1971AL WestCalifornia Angels76-86
1970AL WestCalifornia Angels86-76
1969AL WestCalifornia Angels71-91
1968ALCalifornia Angels67-95
1967ALCalifornia Angels84-77
1966ALCalifornia Angels80-82
1965ALCalifornia Angels75-87
1964ALLos Angeles Angels82-80
1963ALLos Angeles Angels70-91
1962ALLos Angeles Angels86-76
1961ALLos Angeles Angels70-91