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Miller Huggins 1904-1916 HOF 1964

Miller Huggins full stats from

1904 +072+1.87CIN2B
1905 +035+3.07CIN2B
1906 XXXXX-0.78CIN2B
1907 -022--2.52CIN2B
1908 XXXXX-1.39CIN2B
1909 XXXXX-1.01CIN2B-3B
1910 XXXXX0.80SLN2B
1911 XXXXX-0.44SLN2B
1912 XXXXX-0.61SLN2B
1913 XXXXX0.02SLN2B
1914 -093--1.51SLN2B
1915 XXXXX-0.50SLN2B

WAR Records

WAA/WAR Career Graph for Miller Huggins 1904-1916

The line graph below shows WAA by year and WAR for reference. WAR and WAA scales differ but in most cases they track with each other. Red dotted line is WAA=0 demarcation separating above and below average