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Jim Bottomley 1922-1937 HOF 1974

Jim Bottomley full stats from

Managerial Career

1922 +062+2.73SLN1B
1923 +031+4.01SLN1B
1924 +011+6.34SLN1B
1925 +029+5.00SLN1B
1926 +009+6.78SLN1B
1927 +021+5.98SLN1B
1928 +004+11.26SLN1BMVP
1929 +009+8.50SLN1B
1930 +048+4.14SLN1B
1931 +028+5.02SLN1B
1932 XXXXX1.05SLN1B
1933 XXXXX-0.29CIN1B
1934 XXXXX0.17CIN1B
1935 XXXXX-1.34CIN1B
1936 +094+1.66BAL1B
1937 XXXXX-0.76BAL1B

WAR Records

WAA/WAR Career Graph for Jim Bottomley 1922-1937

The line graph below shows WAA by year and WAR for reference. WAR and WAA scales differ but in most cases they track with each other. Red dotted line is WAA=0 demarcation separating above and below average

Post Season Jim Bottomley WAA

Jim Bottomley Post Season Games



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