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Jose Ramirez 2013-2023

Jose Ramirez full stats from

2013 XXXXX0.21CLEX
2014 XXXXX-1.13CLESS-2B
2015 XXXXX-0.10CLESS-2B-3B
2016 +178+1.87CLE3B-LF
2017 +058+3.97CLE3B-2BAS
2018 +016+6.19CLE3B-2BAS
2019 XXXXX1.62CLE3B
2020 +016+3.09CLE3B
2021 +014+6.26CLE3B-DHAS
2022 +010+6.85CLE3B-DHAS
2023 XXXXX0.09CLE3B-DH

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WAA/WAR Career Graph for Jose Ramirez 2013-2023

The line graph below shows WAA by year and WAR for reference. WAR and WAA scales differ but in most cases they track with each other. Red dotted line is WAA=0 demarcation separating above and below average

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