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NYA Franchise History

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YearDivisionTeam NameW-L
2023AL EastNew York Yankees82-80
2022AL EastNew York Yankees99-63ALCS
2021AL EastNew York Yankees92-70
2020AL EastNew York Yankees33-27ALDS
2019AL EastNew York Yankees103-59ALCS
2018AL EastNew York Yankees100-62ALDS
2017AL EastNew York Yankees91-71ALCS
2016AL EastNew York Yankees84-78
2015AL EastNew York Yankees87-75
2014AL EastNew York Yankees84-78
2013AL EastNew York Yankees85-77
2012AL EastNew York Yankees95-67ALCS
2011AL EastNew York Yankees97-65ALDS
2010AL EastNew York Yankees95-67ALCS
2009AL EastNew York Yankees103-59WS WIN
2008AL EastNew York Yankees89-73
2007AL EastNew York Yankees94-68ALDS
2006AL EastNew York Yankees97-65ALDS
2005AL EastNew York Yankees95-67ALDS
2004AL EastNew York Yankees101-61ALCS
2003AL EastNew York Yankees101-61WS LOSE
2002AL EastNew York Yankees103-58ALDS
2001AL EastNew York Yankees95-65WS LOSE
2000AL EastNew York Yankees87-74WS WIN
1999AL EastNew York Yankees98-64WS WIN
1998AL EastNew York Yankees114-48WS WIN
1997AL EastNew York Yankees96-66ALDS
1996AL EastNew York Yankees92-70WS WIN
1995AL EastNew York Yankees79-65ALDS
1994AL EastNew York Yankees70-43
1993AL EastNew York Yankees88-74
1992AL EastNew York Yankees76-86
1991AL EastNew York Yankees71-91
1990AL EastNew York Yankees67-95
1989AL EastNew York Yankees74-87
1988AL EastNew York Yankees85-76
1987AL EastNew York Yankees89-73
1986AL EastNew York Yankees90-72
1985AL EastNew York Yankees97-64
1984AL EastNew York Yankees87-75
1983AL EastNew York Yankees91-71
1982AL EastNew York Yankees79-83
1981AL EastNew York Yankees59-48WS LOSE
1980AL EastNew York Yankees103-59ALCS
1979AL EastNew York Yankees89-71
1978AL EastNew York Yankees100-63WS WIN
1977AL EastNew York Yankees100-62WS WIN
1976AL EastNew York Yankees97-62WS LOSE
1975AL EastNew York Yankees83-77
1974AL EastNew York Yankees89-73
1973AL EastNew York Yankees80-82
1972AL EastNew York Yankees79-76
1971AL EastNew York Yankees81-80
1970AL EastNew York Yankees93-69
1969AL EastNew York Yankees80-81
1968ALNew York Yankees83-79
1967ALNew York Yankees72-90
1966ALNew York Yankees70-89
1965ALNew York Yankees77-85
1964ALNew York Yankees99-63WS LOSE
1963ALNew York Yankees104-57WS LOSE
1962ALNew York Yankees96-66WS WIN
1961ALNew York Yankees109-53WS WIN
1960ALNew York Yankees97-57WS LOSE
1959ALNew York Yankees79-75
1958ALNew York Yankees92-62WS WIN
1957ALNew York Yankees98-56WS LOSE
1956ALNew York Yankees97-57WS WIN
1955ALNew York Yankees96-58WS LOSE
1954ALNew York Yankees103-51
1953ALNew York Yankees99-52WS WIN
1952ALNew York Yankees95-59WS WIN
1951ALNew York Yankees98-56WS WIN
1950ALNew York Yankees98-56WS WIN
1949ALNew York Yankees97-57WS WIN
1948ALNew York Yankees94-60
1947ALNew York Yankees97-57WS WIN
1946ALNew York Yankees87-67
1945ALNew York Yankees81-71
1944ALNew York Yankees83-71
1943ALNew York Yankees98-56WS WIN
1942ALNew York Yankees103-51WS LOSE
1941ALNew York Yankees101-53WS WIN
1940ALNew York Yankees88-66
1939ALNew York Yankees106-45WS WIN
1938ALNew York Yankees99-53WS WIN
1937ALNew York Yankees102-52WS WIN
1936ALNew York Yankees102-51WS WIN
1935ALNew York Yankees89-60
1934ALNew York Yankees94-60
1933ALNew York Yankees91-59
1932ALNew York Yankees107-47WS WIN
1931ALNew York Yankees94-59
1930ALNew York Yankees86-68
1929ALNew York Yankees88-66
1928ALNew York Yankees101-53WS WIN
1927ALNew York Yankees110-44WS WIN
1926ALNew York Yankees91-63WS LOSE
1925ALNew York Yankees69-85
1924ALNew York Yankees89-63
1923ALNew York Yankees98-54WS WIN
1922ALNew York Yankees94-60WS LOSE
1921ALNew York Yankees98-55WS LOSE
1920ALNew York Yankees95-59
1919ALNew York Yankees80-59
1918ALNew York Yankees60-63
1917ALNew York Yankees71-82
1916ALNew York Yankees80-74
1915ALNew York Yankees69-83
1914ALNew York Yankees70-84
1913ALNew York Yankees57-94
1912ALNew York Highlanders50-102
1911ALNew York Highlanders76-76
1910ALNew York Highlanders88-63
1909ALNew York Highlanders74-77
1908ALNew York Highlanders51-103
1907ALNew York Highlanders70-78
1906ALNew York Highlanders90-61
1905ALNew York Highlanders71-78
1904ALNew York Highlanders92-59
1903ALNew York Highlanders72-62
1902ALNew York Yankees0-0
1901ALNew York Yankees0-0


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