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SEA Franchise History

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YearDivisionTeam NameW-L
2022AL WestSeattle Mariners90-72ALDS
2021AL WestSeattle Mariners90-72
2020AL WestSeattle Mariners27-33
2019AL WestSeattle Mariners68-94
2018AL WestSeattle Mariners89-73
2017AL WestSeattle Mariners78-84
2016AL WestSeattle Mariners86-76
2015AL WestSeattle Mariners76-86
2014AL WestSeattle Mariners87-75
2013AL WestSeattle Mariners71-91
2012AL WestSeattle Mariners75-87
2011AL WestSeattle Mariners67-95
2010AL WestSeattle Mariners61-101
2009AL WestSeattle Mariners85-77
2008AL WestSeattle Mariners61-101
2007AL WestSeattle Mariners88-74
2006AL WestSeattle Mariners78-84
2005AL WestSeattle Mariners69-93
2004AL WestSeattle Mariners63-99
2003AL WestSeattle Mariners93-69
2002AL WestSeattle Mariners93-69
2001AL WestSeattle Mariners116-46ALCS
2000AL WestSeattle Mariners91-71ALCS
1999AL WestSeattle Mariners79-83
1998AL WestSeattle Mariners76-85
1997AL WestSeattle Mariners90-72ALDS
1996AL WestSeattle Mariners85-76
1995AL WestSeattle Mariners79-66ALCS
1994AL WestSeattle Mariners49-63
1993AL WestSeattle Mariners82-80
1992AL WestSeattle Mariners64-98
1991AL WestSeattle Mariners83-79
1990AL WestSeattle Mariners77-85
1989AL WestSeattle Mariners73-89
1988AL WestSeattle Mariners68-93
1987AL WestSeattle Mariners78-84
1986AL WestSeattle Mariners67-95
1985AL WestSeattle Mariners74-88
1984AL WestSeattle Mariners74-88
1983AL WestSeattle Mariners60-102
1982AL WestSeattle Mariners76-86
1981AL WestSeattle Mariners44-65
1980AL WestSeattle Mariners59-103
1979AL WestSeattle Mariners67-95
1978AL WestSeattle Mariners56-104
1977AL WestSeattle Mariners64-98


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