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WS Game 3 DET CHN 1907-10-10


DET+049+2.10Ed Siever274.70.00
CHN+023+3.57Ed Reulbach192.00.00

Start Time:day TOG:95 Attendance:13114

Line Score

TmLine ScoreRTBHE
DET000 001 0001661
CHN010 310 00515101

Tier Combo Table

Tier variances range from +4 to -4 in Lineups/Pitcher columns below. These caps have been removed from display. The square root of a variance is standard deviation. Tier Combo integers are derived by subtacting Starter and Relief tiers from opposing team's lineup tier value shown in the table below.

Away/Home colors in tier column entries show which team is favored in that matchup and by how much. Tier Combo integers range from -6 to +6.

No tier data for playoff year 1907 yet.

1907 Team Status



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