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MIL Roster Relief 2023-09-18

Rank is based upon current year WAA ( 2nd column ). 2Yr column shows last two year WAA average added to player total. This goes to 0 as a season progresses.

XXXXX 0.300Thyago Vieira3.01
+047+ 3.620Devin Williams56.71
+056+ 3.420Hoby Milner61.01
+091+ 2.750Bryse Wilson71.01
XXXXX -1.010Andrew Chafin46.01
XXXXX 1.360Elvis Peguero61.32
+084+ 2.880Joel Payamps66.02
XXXXX 0.880Trevor Megill31.73
+186+ 1.780Abner Uribe26.03
TOTAL15.980.00TIER= 4.31

2023 Relief Tiers for MIL


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