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PHI Roster Relief 2023-09-18

Rank is based upon current year WAA ( 2nd column ). 2Yr column shows last two year WAA average added to player total. This goes to 0 as a season progresses.

XXXXX 0.240Seranthony Dominguez46.01
XXXXX 0.260Dylan Covey40.02
+110+ 2.430Jeff Hoffman49.02
XXXXX -0.740Gregory Soto55.02
XXXXX -0.390Yunior Marte37.72
+148+ 2.020Matt Strahm82.33
XXXXX 1.540Craig Kimbrel63.03
+152+ 1.990Jose Alvarado36.33
TOTAL7.350.00TIER= 0.31

2023 Relief Tiers for PHI


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