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GAME CIN MIL 202303190

Line Score

Click on a TeamID to bring up team status, a Line Score to access box score for that team

TmLine ScoreRTBHE
CINn00 enonenonenonenone
MILn00 enonenonenonenone



Vegas Lines

Win column displays payoff on a 100 unit bet which includes bet amount. Tier Combo Simulation (TC Sim) column will be populated after upgrades have been made to the simulator this off season.

TmOpenCurrentLineWinTC Sim

Tier Combo Table

Tier variances range from +4 to -4 in Lineups/Pitcher columns below. These caps have been removed from display. The square root of a variance is standard deviation. Tier Combo integers are derived by subtacting Starter and Relief tiers from opposing team's lineup tier value shown in the table below.

Away/Home colors in tier column entries show which team is favored in that matchup and by how much. Tier Combo integers range from -6 to +6.

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Vegas Status

Vegas Standings not available for dates before 20230415

Team Status

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