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Welcome to Baseball Handbook. This site is a unique look into Major League Baseball seasons, games, franchises and players covering years 1903 - present. Minor leagues A, A+, AA, AAA, japan, and korea are also covered here from 2008-present. Japan and Korea are professional leagues with no MLB affiliations. They are lumped in with MLB affiliated minor leagues out of convenience.

The purpose of this site is to allow navigation of who, what, where, and when without overwhelming the reader with massive tables of numbers. No table here has more than 8 columns.

The main menu divides into four parts;

This site is beta and in development. The database is mostly sound but since it covers 30 franchises hiring over 15,000 players who played in over 200,000 games throughout 118 seasons there will always be undiscovered broken links.

Explanation as to what all this is can be read distributed throughout by clicking About buttons. About buttons are still being written.


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